Food Forward
Food Forward: PBS to Premiere Food Documentary Series
Huffington Post
There are a lot of food TV shows out there -- from competition shows to cooking demonstrations. Is there really room for more food-focused programming?The director of "Food Forward," a new PBS series that explores various food issues, believes there is room for what he has to share. Set to premiere April 5 (check your local listings), "Food Forward" might not teach you about hot new restaurants or ingredients, but you will learn about food issues that face a lot of Americans.
New PBS Series "Food Forward" to Highlight Unsung Food Heroes
Tree Hugger - Ramon Gonzalez
"One can imagine a student answering Michael Pollan or Alice Waters to every question about the food movement in the future. Fortunately, "Food Forward," a new documentary series premiering next month on PBS, will highlight the lesser-known food rebels across the country."
Can a Food Show Thrive Without a Celebrity Chef?
The Bay Citizen - Tara Duggan
"Both filmmakers have said they want to take the conversation beyond the vilification of agribusiness - a mission already accomplished by films like 'Food Inc.' = and to focus on the positive things happening in small farms and food organizations around the country."
Food Forward Celebrates Real Food Heroes Across the Country
SF Weekly - Sean Timberlake
"Food Forward doesn't lay on a guilt trip like some other food politic and environmental programming does. Rather, it's an uplifting, inspirational work."
Food Forward: A Sustainable TV Show for All Americans
Civil Eats - Sarah Henry
"Filmmaker Stett Holbrook will be happy if food reform advocates (like Civil Eats readers) respond favorably to 'Food Forward,' a television series he cooked up with old college pal Greg Roden."
Eye-Openers: On food television, celebrity chefdom and farmer groupies
Inside Scoop SF
"In the past week, two new food TV shows with Bay Area roots aired their pilots, each with the goal of raising money for a full series geared toward public television."
5 Questions for Food Forward's Greg Roden
Bay Area Bites - Sarah Henry
"Indeed, the creative crew on this prospective TV series is so confident (some might say crazily optimistic) that they're kicking off their program with a pilot all about urban agriculture."
Check Out a Pilot Episode of Food Forward
tablehopper - Marcia Gagliardi
"On Thursday June 2nd, you can attend a screening of the pilot episode of the new public television series - Food Forward - to learn more about urban food pioneers and other 'food rebels'- educators, scientists, fishermen, farmers, and chefs—who are spearheading the movement to change our currently unsustainable food system."
Food critic Stett Holbrook hopes to do PBS pilot
San Francisco Peninsula Press Club
"Stett Holbrook, and producer Greg Roden, are co-creators of a new documentary TV series called 'Food Forward.' It will explore alternatives to industrial food systems like urban agriculture and profile people who are changing how American's eat."
Pacific Elementary School lunch program lands in documentary
Santa Cruz Sentinel - Megha Satyanarayana
"A trio of Bay Area journalists documenting the changing food industry is hoping to use a school lunch program in Davenport to examine nutrition and obesity in the nation's youth."
Food Forward Documentary Seeks Funds for TV Pilot at Radius Benefit
SF Weekly - John Birdsall, SFoodie Editor
"Sure, you'd watch Lidia Bastianich pounding up pesto Trapanese in fuzzy-lense splendor Saturday mornings on KQED, but would you TiVo a series about the U.S. food system? That's the hope of folks trying to produce a TV series called Food Forward..."
Watch David Kinch Surf, Cook, Proselytize
Grub Street
"Manresa chef and Beard Award-winner David Kinch is one of a group of chefs featured in an upcoming PBS series called Food Forward, which profiles people who are making positive changes in the way people eat..."
The time is ripe for 'Food Forward' TV show - Bonnie Azab Powell
"America seems to have an insatiable appetite for food-themed TV shows, from celebrity chef cook-offs or reality shows to culinary gross-outs and scary pseudo-cooking spokesmodels. But while some of these shows have begun to slip in tiny tastes of food politics, whether about school lunches or organically grown produce, for the most part you will not find animal welfare, pesticides, genetically modified food, seed monopolies, or farmworker rights on the menu..."
Food Critic Stett Holbrook Behind New Show, Food Forward - Jay Barmann
"Stett Holbrook, food editor of the Metro Silicon Valley, and accomplished producer, Greg Roden, are co-creators of a new documentary TV series called Food Forward, exploring alternatives to industrial food systems like urban agriculture..."
Nightcaps: Evening Headlines
Inside Scoop SF
"Locally-based journalist Stett Holbrook and two documentary filmmakers are trying to raise money for a new TV series called "Food Forward," which will focus on "people who are changing how we eat in America"..."

Fighting the Good (Food) Fight: New Show Celebrates America's Food Rebels
Take Part
"Turning on the boob tube is an easy entry point into the cultural zeitgeist of America...."